Build your core and become stronger.


Challenge yourself and improve your fitness.


Increase your overall health and vitality.

Welcome to TRUE MUAY THAI.

Come see us and try out our high energy classes. Learn self defense, get fit and improve your strength. We have shower facilities so come in before work and get your day started the best way possible!

Classes to take in our our GYM.

We offer a fun and challenging classes that will build your core, improving your strength and fitness. Our trainers are highly educated and will make sure you give your all.
The classes are:

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What are you waiting for?

Start training, get fit and feel great with Gary Barrett who has over 20 years experience and is Thailand trained and certified. Come in, meet us and have a free trial class!

Grow stronger
Grow Faster
Eat healthy
Compete with others
Improve your health

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